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Your Thoughts are Numbered

There are a few well-known bloggers who swear by their belief that everything presented in a blog has to be reduced to numbered bullet points.  Here are four points I frequently hear when it comes to the logic of numbering your thoughts in a blog post:

  1. They say numbering your thoughts make you sound more professional, more like an expert.
  2. They say numbering your thoughts make your points easier to remember.
  3. They say numbering your thoughts allow people to scan your blog (I guess that assumes fewer people actually read these days).
  4. They also say numbering your thoughts make it easier to write them in the first place, somehow combining the left and right sides of the writer’s brain.

This is sound logic, though I can see three reasons why numbering your every thought can be annoying to others:

  1. You come across as not being able to write a string of sentences that make a cohesive thought.
  2. You sound like a drill sergeant, always barking.  I don’t recall any of Jesus’ parables being delivered in bullet points.
  3. You have nothing more to say, so you make it a bullet point which somehow seems to make it credible, when it’s not, you’re really done.

Which is to say, I’m done…..have a great weekend, see you next week.

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