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Valuation Enhancement

Value Enhancement Services: How Tennessee Valley Group Can Help

Our valuation enhancement process can be broken down into four quick and easy steps:

  1. Gathering Data – To get an in-depth understanding of your company and industry, we interview you about your business history, organization, asset quality, trends, competition, and more. We will also do a strategic “SWOT” analysis of your company.
  2. Normalization of financial statements – We take your Income Statement and add back those expenses that might be unique to the owner but not normally required operating expenses of the business. The point of this phase is to understand the true cash flow of the business.
  3. Defining the best valuation method – There are three fundamental approaches for valuing a business. The asset approach, the market approach, and the income approach. We use our experience to determine the best method(s) for your business and industry and apply it accordingly.
  4. Arriving at the market value: After these methods are applied, we review every conclusion carefully to reach a specific valuation. Other factors will also be considered, such as current market conditions and availability of financing.