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When I contacted Jim, I was ready to sell my company and told him I wanted $6 million for it. He studied my financial data then came back to tell me our market value was about $4 million. I was annoyed with him at first, then I came to respect that would tell me the truth. After a few days of stewing on this, I asked him what I had to do to get it to that $6 million and he put a plan together for me. He consulted Read More


Jim Cumbee is an upstanding man, smart and nice too. I can’t imagine how I could have sold my company without his experience and demeanor. Read More


When my company got ready to make an acquisition, we brought Jim in to advise us. He helped us find the right company, structure the offer and get through due diligence. I don’t think we could have done it without him but I’m glad we did because it’s made my company more valuable and I’ll be ready to sell it in three or four years. You can bet I’ll use Jim for that. Read More


I retained Jim to sell my company when my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Selling a company is challenging in any situation, but in this case, we had an extra level of stress. I so much appreciated Jim’s calm leadership through the process. I am happy to report that my wife’s cancer is in remission. I am still glad we were able to move on and sell the business, and from everything I hear, the guy who bought it is Read More