FREE TRAINING: 3 Keys to Sell Your Business with Confidence

Time to Sell Your Business? Trust Your Heart

“Why should I sell? The way we are growing we’ll double our value in no time!” Though we were meeting at 6:30 that morning, he didn’t need coffee. Randy (not his real name) lived a caffeinated life. He ran at a fast pace, the success of his company was evidence of that. But Randy seemed ready to slow down, maybe take some chips off the table. A few weeks earlier, I had reviewed Randy’s business and told him how much Read More

The Downside of Low Interest Rates

“I’m looking to buy a business, but I'm having the devil of a time doing it. Can you help?” Frank (not his real name) sold his profitable medical supply company three years ago, and is eager to get back to creating value through business ownership. He doesn’t have to work, the money he put in the bank after the sale of his company provides more than enough to take care of his family. But just 42-years old, Frank said Read More