FREE TRAINING: 3 Keys to Sell Your Business with Confidence

I Have a Buyer (insert eye roll here)

“My husband and I have been able to manage our careers with two children”

At that point, she decided she should get serious about the possibility, hence her call to her financial planner who suggested she call me.

You must have a license from the state to do nails and cut hair, but not to represent the best interest of an owner who is selling their business.

Depending on the type and size of your business, you will have good choices when it comes time to sell. Just don’t fall victim to the “I have a buyer” scam.

I Have a Buyer (insert eye roll here)

“He said he had a buyer for my company, but he wouldn’t give me any details until I gave him my financials. I should have known he was just fishing.” Zoe (not her real name) reached out to me on the recommendation of her financial planner. A few weeks earlier she received an unsolicited call from a local business broker who told her he had a buyer for her company. The broker’s call came at an interesting time, as Read More