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Don’t Leave Phone Without Them

I meet with small business owners every day, and I am increasingly noticing that they are using their smartphone for more than just calls and texts.  Suffice it to say, the smartphone has become a full-fledge small business productivity tool.

Smartphone apps can help a small business owner work better and smarter, and are essential to keeping them focused on their work and on building their business. There are scores of great smartphone productivity apps, here are three “must haves” for every small business owner.

-#QuickOffice. This great app allows you to create and edit Microsoft Office files, as well as view PDF files.  Moreover, you can sync documents across all your devices, such as create on your tablet, edit on your smartphone, then share from your desktop.

-#Evernote. This free app allows you to write down and organize anything and everything.  You can take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders.  This app was recently named a “top 10 must-have app” by the New York Times.   I’d put it on my top 3 “must-have” list.

-#Dropbox. This app is also free, at least until you begin to have huge amounts of stored data.  With Dropbox, you can store files, photos, documents and everything in between, but even cooler is that everything is synced to all of your devices. It’s a cool way to share data with clients and customers, and stay abreast of the document flow amongst your employee base.

If you are a small business owner, you are probably always thinking about personal productivity.  Getting a smart smartphone and a few great apps will go a long way toward improving your efficiency and effectiveness, and your happiness.

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