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Entrepreneur's M&A Journal is a podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors gain a competitive advantage when making decisions about buying, selling or launching a business.

Hosted by Jim Cumbee, each podcast is an interview with a successful been there/done that business owner or professional advisor. Through their real-life stories, you will be inspired, empowered, and maybe even a bit smarter.

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 50—Interview With Sonny Clark

Summary: Sonny and Jim take you through Sonny’s M&A journey from where he started his business at 25 years old to when he sold in 2011.  This podcast is packed with lessons learned and things done right.  Join Sonny and Jim on this journey. Main Questions Asked: What led to the decision to launch your own business? Did you have an exit in mind? How long did you own the business before you sold it? Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 49—Interview With Shola Abidoye

Summary: Jim and Shola talk about setting up your company for your exit plan and the best way to get there. Main Questions Asked: Tell us about your first company? Were you thinking about an exit when you started your business? So, you decided to sell because you just wanted to be proactive and move on? How did you find the company/person that you sold your company to? How long did it take you to Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 48—Interview With David Finkel

Summary: David and Jim talk about David’s book Scale.  We get a glimpse into the book as David shares nuggets of information to help people position their company to be more valuable and more marketable. Main Questions Asked: What made you make the transition from operating a business to the coaching business? Tell us about your book and the development of it? Do people come to you asking to learn how to Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 47—Interview With Clay Clark

Summary: Clay and Jim take you through Clay’s journey of entrepreneurship.  He started his business and worked hard, but had personal bumps in the road that includes the trauma of having a blind child and the death of a good friend.  Despite these obstacles to success, Clay went on to be very successful.  He has wonderful insight on how to manage your business from the onset to be prepared to sell and how to receive Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 46—Interview With Bill Watkins

Summary:  Bill and Jim walk you through Bill’s journey of starting his own company to the emotions that bring you to the point where Bill decided it was time to sell.  Bill also tells you about his new business. Main Questions Asked: When you started your business, did you have an end point in mind? What did you do to move toward that? When did you decide to sell and what provoked it? Did you have the Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 45—Interview With Andrea Ayers

Summary: Andreea and Jim walk you through Andreea’s journey from opening her own online t-shirt shop to selling that venture and then starting an entirely new business. Join us to learn how to get the most from your business when selling so that you can move on to your next project. Main Questions Asked: ➢ How do you go for working from McKenzie to owning your own t-shirt company? ➢ How did you pick a t-shirt Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 44—Interview With Jason Hartman

Summary: Jim and Jason talk about buying and selling businesses.  You get some great nuggets of information from this podcast that will propel your business to the next level and help you get the most money when you decide to sell your business.  Main Questions Asked: Were you thinking exit when you bought your real estate agency? What led you to consider selling? How did you decide valuation? I Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 43—Interview With Jason Swenk

Summary: Jim and Jason walk you through Jason’s journey which started as a computer programmer at Arthur Anderson (Enron) through to his happenstance opening of digital marketing company.  How he built it, sold it and then proceeded on his journey as an advisor.  Main Questions Asked: How did you go from Arthur Anderson to a digital marketing agency? You started your agency in what year? Did you starve Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 42—Interview With Deedra Determan

Summary: Jim and Deedra talk about Deedra’s exciting M&A journey.  With her news and journalism background, she takes you on her exciting journey through making the decision to leave television and starting a web-site for moms and selling that site to a local agency.  Learn about Deedra’s great decisions and where she thinks should might have done a little better.   Main Questions Asked: Were you still Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 41—Interview With Todd Tresidder

Summary: Jim and Todd talk about Todd’s journey through building and owning his own hedge fund business right out of college and his eventual desire to sell.  They take you through a journey of great decisions and ones that left money on the table.  Join them now to learn everything you can about buying, maintaining and selling your business. Main Questions Asked: What is the business model of a hedge fund? Read More