The Dumb Things We Do, How Business is Like Golf

Golf is like business. Anyone can try, yet most never excel. Those who are good at it make it look easy. Success in golf or in business usually takes time and money. Both require that you think quickly under pressure, and it seems there’s always someone behind you who wants to get ahead. But golf is most like business because there are many ways to get in trouble. Number One Sometimes you just do dumb things, Read More

When Is It Time To Sell My Business?

Just about every hard working American knows someone who owns, or who has once owned, their own business. Most of us know small business owners more intimately, as they work on the streets where we shop, they live in our neighborhoods. Their houses aren’t at the top of Mulholland Drive or Park Avenue. They are one of us, and we all admire them, because they are taking a risk we never felt we could. They stay up late, Read More

When Is It Time To Quit My Corporate Job and Purchase My Own Business?

Every year, business journals and financial magazines come out with statistics informing an overworked American public how many of them collectively hate their corporate jobs. While most of us just want a decent paycheck, good health benefits, and the opportunity to retire at a reasonable age, some people cannot tolerate their own loathing for the everyday 9 to 5 effort of working for someone else, and they launch Read More

Revealed, The Secrets of Business Valuation

It’s no fun to tell a songwriter his song is bad.  Telling a novelist her novel won’t sell takes nerves of steel.  Telling a new Mom her newborn is not the cutest child in the nursery, well that’s just downright dangerous!  Telling a business owner what his business is really worth is no way to make a friend, much less gain a client. Over two decades of buying and selling businesses, I have observed that most Read More

Four Warning Signs You Aren’t Ready to Buy a Business (“it takes one to know one”)

Business brokers always hear from people who say they are interested in buying a business. We love these calls, after all, we get paid when someone buys a business, so access to willing business buyers is a good thing, right? Well, not really, because most of the time these conversations are an utter waste of time. This doesn’t mean the person expressing interest in buying a business isn’t serious about buying a Read More

Productive Home Office = Home Office Success

When you are starting a small business, you want to have a place that you can work. Setting up a place in your home where you can be productive takes some planning and intentionality, and can make a big difference in your ability to get your business off of the ground. What should every home office have? Computer. This is an essential item for any office, but most especially if you have a small business. This is Read More

Small Business 101 …. The Value of Maintaining Good Records

When you own a small business, you are responsible for every part of it. Yet it’s easy to focus on one area at the expense of another.  I love to engage in the marketing and sales process of my business, while I often pay insufficient attention to the details, the records.  Moreover, in working with scores (hundreds) of small business owners, I can categorically tell you I’ve seen situations when not having good Read More

Don’t Leave Phone Without Them

I meet with small business owners every day, and I am increasingly noticing that they are using their smartphone for more than just calls and texts.  Suffice it to say, the smartphone has become a full-fledge small business productivity tool. Smartphone apps can help a small business owner work better and smarter, and are essential to keeping them focused on their work and on building their business. There are Read More

Use What God Has Given You to Increase Your Online Revenue

Increasing your online sales for your small business is easier than you think. Here are three simple tips that will boost your online productivity and profit: 1.  Offer only one product or service on your home page. I once heard a guy describe it this way, “show the monkey where the banana is.”  A bit crass, indeed, but the point is made, make your main thing the easy thing.  While you may think that offering Read More

Search Bar, I Love You.

Social media is a buzz term these days, but you may not understand what it is, much less the impact it can have on your small business.  If you don’t know what it is, it’s time you learn because affordable marketing of your business is key to your success, and social media is, if nothing else, affordable. Way back when, my Dad ran a big ad in the local newspaper every Tuesday; that was the beginning and end of his Read More