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Business Valuation

How Do You Value Your Nashville Business?

Businesses that are properly valued sell, those that are not properly valued languish on the market. Why waste the time and energy to sell your Tennessee company if it’s not valued properly? If you are expecting a dumb buyer with pockets full of cash, you might be playing Monopoly. The real world does not work that way.

When we perform a business valuation, factors that we take into account include:

  • Cash flow history
  • Cash flow projections
  • Quality of assets
  • Quality of the brand (goodwill)
  • Recent comparable sales
  • Relative supply & demand of businesses for sale relative to capital looking for businesses to buy

Getting your business professionally valued might also help you uncover issues that might bring a deal to a halt. By uncovering these problems upfront, you have the opportunity to resolve them before placing your business on the market.