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Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 07—Interview With Brad Hill

From concrete worker to Vanderbilt MBA to social media guru, Brad Hill’s M&A journey is a fascinating story of how not to use metrics to know it is time to sell your business.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 06—Interview With Steve Vogt

Dr. Stephen Vogt starts a business offering IV infusion care in the home, and within two years an unsolicited buyer makes an offer that was so attractive the ownership group didn’t even need to negotiate the terms. Dr. Vogt tells the story of going from working for a salary in a hospital pharmacy to relaxing on a golf course in less time than it takes to get a college degree. Pay particular attention to his advice Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 05—Interview With Charles Robert Bone

Charles Robert Bone is a highly regarded attorney, who ran for Mayor of Nashville in 2015. His professional journey includes the launch and sale of a successful health care consulting company. He describes his M&A experience, underscoring why entrepreneurs need to be flexible and prepared in the process.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 04—Interview With Ben Hanback

Ben Hanback tells his story of going from corporate employee to entrepreneur to corporate executive. Hear what it’s like to sell a business to a big corporation, then find yourself part of the company’s executive management team.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 03—Interview With Tim Ozgener

  Tim Ozgener is an actor in LA, turned cigar mogul, turned social entrepreneur in Nashville. His family’s rags-to-riches M&A journey is the essence of the American dream. Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 02—Interview With Tristan Kinsley

  Tristan Kinsley turns his lack of success in the music business to huge success in the wine business.  His M&A journey was a lesson in trusting your instincts. Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 01—Introduction to Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors gain a competitive advantage when making decisions about buying, selling or launching a business.  Hosted by Lawyer and Harvard MBA Jim Cumbee, each weekly podcast is an interview with a successful been there/done that business owner or professional advisor, and thru their real-life stories, you will be inspired, Read More