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Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 19—Jim Cumbee’s Story

Jim Cumbee left a corporate role with a division of the Walt Disney Company to buy a radio business.  Problem was, Jim didn’t know anything about radio, and the business was nearing bankruptcy.  But his focus on growth through acquisition, building a great team, and bit of “Congressional luck” led to a successful exit four years later to a publicly traded company.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 18—Interview With Steve Vogt

In episode 18 of Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal, we take a look back at one of our most popular episodes so far, an interview with Dr. Stephen Vogt. Dr. Stephen Vogt starts a business offering IV infusion care in the home, and within two years an unsolicited buyer makes an offer that was so attractive the ownership group didn’t even need to be negotiate the terms. Dr. Vogt tells the story of going from working for Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 17—Interview With Mason Myers

Mason Myers is a Silicon Valley based private equity investor who follows the acquisition strategy of Warren Buffet.  In this week’s episode Myers does a deep dive on how he recently invested to affect the generational transfer of a 25-year old business.  His insight and lessons learned could a business school case study on creativity and patience in the deal process.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 16—Interview With Marc Fortune

Marc Fortune had no money when he bought his company, but nine years later he took it to market when it was generating annual revenue of $150 million.  His advice to check your ego at the door and rely your management team is timeless, though often forgotten.  Sell when the market is ready, not when you are is another gem in Marc’s insightful story.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 15—Interview With Brian Nesmith

Brian Nesmith thought he would be operating his specialty sports retail business for thirty years, but sometimes the entrepreneurial vision takes you down a road you didn’t expect.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 14—Interview With Tom Freiling

Tom Freiling created Xulon Press in 1999 and built it for sale to a publicly-traded company in less than seven years.  Tom’s story reveals how lack of planning is not always a bad thing, but his lesson learned is a very good thing:  develop your business model early, pour resources into its growth, then be ready for the ride.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 10—Interview With Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey started his wireless telecomm business from his college dorm room, sold it seven years later, bought it back a year after that, then sold it again in ten years! Andy’s advice to business owners wanting to create wealth is founded on the saying, “you can’t read the label if you are inside the jar.”   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 13—Interview With Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross goes from pink slip to financial freedom in just six years.  He founded Metova in 2006 to develop apps for Blackberry phones.  With the explosive growth of mobile technology over the next few years, Metova became a nationally recognized leader in mobile app development for the iPhone, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry platforms.  Ross’s M&A journey started in early 2011 in the form of an unsolicited Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 12—Interview With Mark Oldham

Mark Oldham launched his business in 1986 and sold it in 2013.  Though incredibly well prepared to take the business to market, Mark describes several avoidable roadblocks along his M&A journey.  Mark offers great practical advice, ranging from having audited financials to interviewing several intermediaries before taking your business to market.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 11—Interview With David Kidd

David Kidd left a career in investment banking when he bought Midwest Home Brewing & Home Wine Making Supplies. Listen to his story of how his negotiations to buy out a competitor led to a decision to instead sell to that competitor. David offers specific advice about how to evaluate who the right buyer is for your company.   Read More