The Good News and Bad News of Selling Your Business in a Post-Corona World.
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Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 05—Interview With Charles Robert Bone

Charles Robert Bone is a highly regarded attorney, who ran for Mayor of Nashville in 2015. His professional journey includes the launch and sale of a successful health care consulting company. He describes his M&A experience, underscoring why entrepreneurs need to be flexible and prepared in the process.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 04—Interview With Ben Hanback

Ben Hanback tells his story of going from corporate employee to entrepreneur to corporate executive. Hear what it’s like to sell a business to a big corporation, then find yourself part of the company’s executive management team.   Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 03—Interview With Tim Ozgener

  Tim Ozgener is an actor in LA, turned cigar mogul, turned social entrepreneur in Nashville. His family’s rags-to-riches M&A journey is the essence of the American dream. Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 02—Interview With Tristan Kinsley

  Tristan Kinsley turns his lack of success in the music business to huge success in the wine business.  His M&A journey was a lesson in trusting your instincts. Read More

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 01—Introduction to Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal

Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors gain a competitive advantage when making decisions about buying, selling or launching a business.  Hosted by Lawyer and Harvard MBA Jim Cumbee, each weekly podcast is an interview with a successful been there/done that business owner or professional advisor, and thru their real-life stories, you will be inspired, Read More