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You may be wondering what gives us the credibility

We Have Made Multi-Millionaires of Business Owners Aged 28 to 78 Across Many Industries

30+ years in business transactions
Quarterbacked business
transitions worth more than $500,000,000


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The 1 reason


The #1 reason business owners lack confidence
about selling their business?
Too much noise in the marketplace.

You are inundated with calls, letters, and emails. You are unclear how the process works, yet you know you only get one chance to do it right. And if you get it wrong (and a lot can go wrong) you know it will have significant life-long implications. Here are some of the common questions we hear from busines owners:

What is my business worth?
How do I find the right buyer?
How can I do it without my employees or
customers finding out?
How do I know it’s the right time to sell?
A guy at my club got a multiple of X, why isn’t my business worth that?
Working with businesses for more than 30 years, Tennessee Valley Group has seen it all. This has allowed us to develop a proven process to help you eliminate doubt and sell your business with confidence.

Selling a business has a lot of moving parts

The Confident Business Seller Process



The business owner needs to express what he/she wants from the sale of the business and ensure that these objectives aligns with market realities.



A productive working relationship starts with clarity around schedule and process. All of that can be specified in the Engagement Agreement.


Plan for

There is no small amount of data required to create the best marketing materials, and this homework phase sets the stage for identifying the best buyer.



With objectives solidified and the right materials, it’s time to start talking to prospective buyers. A defined process will keep the train on the tracks and ensure business owner objectives are met.


the story

It’s now time for the buyer to dive into your business and determine that everything you have told them is true, and ensure that the business comports with their vision for the future.



The paperwork required to get a business sold might surprise you, but with a capable quarterback leading your team, the business owner can be sure he/she is protected.


Sing a
swan song

More times than not, the deal closing is not the end of the business owner’s involvement, but it is the beginning the end. There is more work to do, which can range from short-term transition consulting to long-term employment and a continuing equity role in the company.

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What makes a confident business seller.

A Confident Business Seller …

the fruits
of your labor

Avoid life-long

Ensure What's
Best For Your
Employees & Customers

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Not Quite Ready to Sell Yet, No Problem!

There are lots of business owners that do research in preparation for a future sale and maybe that's you. If so, we've created some free resources to help you properly prepare to be a confident business seller.

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Learn The 3 Keys To Sell Your Business with Confidence

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Valuation is the most common question we get from business owners, so we're excited to empower you to answer it yourself with our proprietary "Business Valuation Worksheet". Just click the button below to get started.

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Learn The 3 Keys To Sell Your Business with Confidence

In this free on-demand video training, we cover the three keys to selling your business with confidence. These are foundational principles to know as a business owner regardless of when you plan to sell your business.

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